Child on the Train

A little girl in a pink cardigan, no more than four, was running up and down the hallway. Each time she passed their compartment she slowed down and craned her head sideways to look inside. She had done this three times already, and showed no sign of losing interest. He couldn’t help but laugh as she careened past a fourth time and made a screeching halt to flash them a peace sign. Continue reading

Poetry (4): Weaving the World

Just bought tickets to the Association of Asian Studies conference in Seattle and realized that I’ll be following in reverse the same route I took on my first trip to China in 1996. On that trip I flew from Seattle to Beijing to Chengdu. This time I’ll go from Chengdu to Beijing to Seattle. On top of that, I’ll be arriving in Seattle ten days short of the twentieth anniversary of my first arrival in China!

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