Poetry (4): Weaving the World

Just bought tickets to the Association of Asian Studies conference in Seattle and realized that I’ll be following in reverse the same route I took on my first trip to China in 1996. On that trip I flew from Seattle to Beijing to Chengdu. This time I’ll go from Chengdu to Beijing to Seattle. On top of that, I’ll be arriving in Seattle ten days short of the twentieth anniversary of my first arrival in China!

Weaving the WorldP1010653
Paths of memory woven–
sight, sound, smell, taste,
laughter, inspiration, anger, despair–
tangled and netted and knotted
across the landscape and
over the face of time.
A journey of ten thousand miles …
where did it begin?
Days, months, years, decades …
when did they depart?
Or do they lie here
twined about my toes
as I walk the woven Earth?

3 thoughts on “Poetry (4): Weaving the World

  1. I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award! Should you choose to accept, go to my blog, thepsychomother.com, and you will find your blog listed in my post “The Impossible Winner”. The instructions for The Versatile Blogger Award are in the post.
    I would put a working link here for you if I could figure out how to do it! 😉


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